Deploy these lil' wonders at your own risk.
  1. Just Reaching Out
  2. Just Circling Back
  3. One More Fuck And I Could Own You
  4. You Missed A Spot
  5. You're Worthy. I'm Vegan. Let's Blast Off.
  6. Here Is A Picture Of Ten Ships
    (Then don't attach it)
  7. Your Monstrous Gourd Astounds Me
  8. That's Not Penne!
  9. I'm The Dingo. I Ate Your Damn Baby.
  10. My Dad Is Hellman From The Mayonaise
  11. See You Later, And Now. I'll Always Be Seeing You. But From Where?
  12. Critics Have Called Me A Fascinatingly Suspenseful Saga
  13. That's Amore!