1. Adnan won't stop talking about The War In Afghanistan
    I was really hoping, after Season One ended so abruptly, that Adnan would have shed some light on the past year. But he's stuck on this tangent about desertion and Sarah, try as she might, just can't rein him in. Is this all part of it?
  2. Jay's string of lies continues
    We know Jay's untrustworthy, but I was hoping this new season would help clarify his story. Instead, Jay's calling himself a filmmaker, and he's claiming responsibility for "The Hurt Locker"? Well, which is it, Jay?
  3. No one questioned Don
    I mean, hello? At least talk to him?
  4. Sarah refuses to cal Adnan by his name
    Clearly, their relationship has turned frosty since the podcast left off, and Sarah refuses to even acknowledge him. Why? Could use some detail.
  5. So...I guess the Innocence Project found nothing?
    Thanks for trying, Innocence Project!
  6. Baltimore sounds like it got even worse
    How can I trust the justice system if they all relocated to some horrid desert with no plumbing?
  7. The MailKimp idiot is back.
    Why is this idiot back????