She didn't just say what I think she did, did she? Come on in, play the game! Real or fake?! YOU be the judge!
  1. "Dirt, I eat that. You can find me in the sandbox. But that's sand in there, my friend. I'm talking about dirt. Outta my way, worms! This floor chocolate is just for me!"
  2. "There's all sorts of wind, all of which are not my jurisdiction."
  3. "I never invented Gel Pencils but I always meant to."
  4. "Something tells me gum was supposed to have something hard in it. Ask the guy who first made it. Nothing can be that soft on purpose."
  5. "You can chime in, and a chime is also a music stick, but can you chime out? Chime up? Chime, chime, chime. Lime."
  6. "I made a pinwheel so big the mayor banned it."
  7. "This isn't my fourth rodeo. It's not even my third rodeo. It's my first."
  8. "A basketball coach should be the same age his FATHER was."
  9. "Somebody tell me when to stand up. Please. Somebody tell me. It's been days."
  10. "I'm pumping my own gas into my mouth."