1. Found a nice vest
  2. Got a bigger-than-normal avocado in my SweetGreen
  3. A girl touched my arm
  4. Got three favs on a tweet
  5. Snuck into one of many selfies being taken in the row in front of me at a Knick game
  6. Got over sinus congestion
  7. Stared at the sun and didn't blink
  8. Bought 4 puddings on a whim
  9. Muted a Kars-4-Kids commercial before it started
  10. Only snoozed three times
  11. Immediately recognized the word "snooze" as English upon waking
  12. Are cantaloupe jelly bean
  13. Sinus congestion returned, sneezed into crook of elbow, dabbed by accident
  14. End of "The Big Short"