1. Michael Pineda and Nate Eovaldi
    Two of the most dynamic, potentially dominant young arms that I, as a Yankee fan, have ever had the pleasure to anticipate. As a fan of a team that has spent my entire life getting richer and fatter and buying old fat guys while every single team around them develops a viable pitching staff, this is nice! Add Ivan Nova's return midseason, and there is some severe swag involved.
  2. Didi Gregorius
    Replacing the legendary Derek Jeter at short with more flair than I've ever seen. He's got range! De-fense!!
  3. Baseball!!
  4. Baseball!!!!
  5. Baseballlllllllll!!!!
  6. The Yankees are going to suck this year
  7. The New York Rangers!!
  8. @gabe 's schadenfreude level might be at an all-time high this year and maybe he'll pay me money?