1. Tuesday, thanks to the generosity of a great friend and a remarkably well-timed promo code deployment, I gained possession of a ticket to see my all-time favorite band, The Strokes.
  2. They're the best New York has to offer, and their time as an intact band is certainly approaching its limit.
  3. Forever indebted that I've earned this opportunity.
  4. I became a Strokes fan the day I heard they were Jack Black's musical guest on SNL.
  5. I sat in the corner of a Best Buy hooked up to a kiosk via some frayed headphones and listened to "Is This It?" in its entirety.
  6. I've had the whole thing memorized since 2002.
  7. Even the solos.
  8. In all my days, I'm not sure there's ever been anything more catered to *me* than when Julian Casablancas covered the Horatio Sanz-penned "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" song on his solo album.
  9. It made NO sense.
  10. It felt, and still feels, like I was getting Truman Show'd.
  11. The Strokes mean a lot to me, certainly more than they should.
  12. I meant to see them tour with Kings of Leon in 2004.
  13. I meant to see them on the "Angles" tour in 2011 on the way to a conference.
  14. I didn't.
  15. Now I am.
  16. It's Hard to Explain.