1. Toy Story 2
    Jessie is the best damn character in this series and when she gets her montage??? Pinnacle of animated filmmaking.
  2. Hint Of Lime Tostitos
    With all due respect, fuck outta here, regular 'stitos!
  3. SNL's late-80's cast
    I'll take Hartman, Carvey, and Hooks, sorry!!! I will, though. An improvement on the obviously-groundbreaking original.
  4. Red Fish Roe vs. Black
    Black Roe is OK but show me a sushi roll dotted with red bubbles and I'll show you a happy boy (a pic of me!)
  5. Ken Griffey Jr
    Senior was a steady outfielder. Junior defined my generation. Advantage, Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball '98.
  6. Aloe Juice
    Way better than Aloe Vera cream. Gimme that juice all day!