1. I just had a job for exactly one week.
  2. Went back to work for the same production company I used to be with for a 3-month project.
  3. Low stress, really fun.
  4. Had a v productive week.
  5. Like a man with a job should.
  6. Walked out of the office today, returned with some chicken and quinoa, and found out our sponsorship for the project was gone and the project was canceled.
  7. I told unemployment two hours beforehand "Won't be needing you anymore!"
  8. Kinda gotta scramble to get that back
  9. Seeing Stevie Wonder tomorrow
  10. Comforting to know I won't be the only person in the room Blind To The Bullshit
  11. So that's where I'm at!
  12. Just letting ya know
  13. Back to funny good lists in a hot sec