Organically. Been working on the same 30 for 30 for three years, and now it's wrapping up. But regardless, need to change jobs.
  1. How much time off is the right amount of time off?
  2. I freelance-comedy-write. I do it all the time, at my desk job office, which is bad. But now I get to do it like an actual freelancer should, at home. Which is good!
  3. I'd like another job.
  4. I'd like that job to be in comedy writing.
  5. Or Sports-related writing. Writing!
  6. I'm not that lost? And I apologize for posting this obnoxious list?
  7. But just hanging out here to say that I'm now one of those guys making a career change and I wanna hear from you about how ya did itttttttt
  8. No pressure
  9. Peace!