They're all Lebron James-related. Today was a good day.
  1. A video of former Cavs owner Gordon Gund (legally blind) "watching" Lebron get drafted via a secure room. He describes to Jim Gray, future host of The Decision, what he "feels" that Lebron looks like.
  2. Lebron at his first ever shoe-design meeting at Nike HQ. He makes fun of a man named Dick. He's 18. Dick is thrilled.
  3. 18-year-old Bron and Melo playing pickup bball together! And laughing. And joking.
  4. 16-year-old Lebron saying he "didn't really learn anything" from meeting with Kobe Bryant. LOL.
  5. Darius Miles being interviewed about Lebron coming to the squad wearing a full Torii Hunter uniform. Full jersey, hat on top.
  6. 17-year-old LBJ taking a half-court alley oop, with Shaq watching.