1. My dad is the Jewish one. Inherited the name and the looks from his side of the family. He has twin sisters and one much younger brother.
  2. My mom is Episcopalian, though not as strongly as her mother was. She's one of six.
  3. I was never Bar Mitzvah'd! WEINRIB is not technically Jewish and I look forward to boggling minds ETERNALLY.
  4. The holiday breakdown in the family was Christmas annually with my mom's side, and 8 full nights of Hanukkah, with presents, throughout my childhood.
  5. When I turned 12 or 13, it morphed into 8 nights of candle lighting and 3 presents.
  6. Around 16, I was lighting every night, but sacrificing all presents for the greater good. I still love Hanukkah, and it bums me out when I'm not home for a vacation during the entirety of it. I'm luckily if I get one night at home with pops.
  7. My parents are about an hour away in the 'burbs, so while "home for the Holidays" isn't that unique, "home for Hanukkah" would be nice.
  8. As I age, my most Jewish element remains comedy.
  9. A Bar Mitzvah would be pretty fun.