Definitely add yours in the comments so we can live together in a world of impossibility!
  1. The Ramones at CBGB
  2. Mantle or DiMaggio roaming center at Yankee Stadium
  3. The Old Yankee Stadium
    I am one of the only NY Boys on this app and I want it back
  4. An early Phil Hartman/Pee Wee Herman Groundlings show
  5. Johnny Cash but not at Folsom Prison
    I'm cool with just the recording of this, thanks tho
  6. One Conan Harvard Lampoon meeting
  7. The Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field
  8. The New York Giants at the Polo Grounds
  9. William Henry Harrison's Inauguration Speech that killed him
  10. Reese Witherspoon asking me out via a Promposal