1. The benefit of playing Juan Lagares in Center far outweighs the benefit of batting Kelly Johnson at DH
    Not to go all Peter King on you, but we can be fairly sure Juan Lagares doesn't feign calling off Conforto in deep center and turn the first pitch of the game into a frantic 1-0 deficit. Let the young Conforto hit eighth and DH, and put Lagares in center. His cameo late in the game also proved he possesses some Postseason intangibles; he wasn't scared, and he owned the late innings.
  2. The Royals' Bullpen is no joke
    8 innings, no earned runs. The Mets entered the series knowing the Bridge To Wade Davis was fearsome, even without ace closer Greg Holland. It's still imperative to try to get to Cueto or Ventura before the fifth inning; you can't let a scuffling starter keep his pitch count down into the sixth or seventh.
  3. Jeurys Familia will be fine.
    Alex Gordon took a high 97-MPH sinker on the outside half 430 feet out to dead center. That's an incredible job of hitting. That's not all on Familia.
  4. They should have been more prepared, as a team, for Chris Young.
    It's been thrown around that Young's arm angle is more deceptive than most simply because of the lack of velocity that results from it. However, Chris Young was a Met. Very recently. He was flawless last night, but someone should have prepared Yoenis Cespedes better. His at bat against CY was likely the worst I saw all game.
  5. They can compete with the Royals.
    They WERE the Royals last night. Wilmer Flores and Lagares battled the count very, very effectively. They put the ball in play. D'Arnaud forced Moustakas to make a play, and he couldn't. Hosmer's defensive lapse happened because defensive lapses DO happen sometimes if you put the bat on the ball. The Mets can absolutely win this series.
  6. After getting a game stolen from them, Jacob deGrom has to win tonight or the series is over.
    deGrom can't just be a caretaker. He needs to take the mound and win it himself. And he can. But if the Mets fall again, they're dead. Get it to Halloweekend, Mets. Come on. It'll be fun.