1. Oh this bottle is on fire
  2. This can't be free
  3. No one is telling me the cost of this but I have to assume what I am doing is not free
  4. Now that the bottle is done we just have all this ice?
  5. Oh good here comes a bunch of Corona's
  6. The price of these are unknown. Drinks just waft at you like a smell? And then you drink them and we pay how?
  7. Oh good it is 3:00 AM
  8. That is good
  9. Everyone in that basement was nice
  10. But maybe no one down there was a human except me?
  11. I feel like such a celebrity who lost his sport jacket in a pile of wet cloths
  12. I'm the fifteenth most handsome guy in my quadrant
  13. All the 14 ranked above me are 6'9"
  14. I have one solitary dance move
  15. I'm going to eat ice real quick