Thoughts About Getting Bottle Service for the First Time Last Night

  1. Oh this bottle is on fire
  2. This can't be free
  3. No one is telling me the cost of this but I have to assume what I am doing is not free
  4. Now that the bottle is done we just have all this ice?
  5. Oh good here comes a bunch of Corona's
  6. The price of these are unknown. Drinks just waft at you like a smell? And then you drink them and we pay how?
  7. Oh good it is 3:00 AM
  8. That is good
  9. Everyone in that basement was nice
  10. But maybe no one down there was a human except me?
  11. I feel like such a celebrity who lost his sport jacket in a pile of wet cloths
  12. I'm the fifteenth most handsome guy in my quadrant
  13. All the 14 ranked above me are 6'9"
  14. I have one solitary dance move
  15. I'm going to eat ice real quick