1. Hmm, I am not pumped about this.
  2. Doesn't everyone do this when they're 13 so they don't have to remember it? I'm not 13. I remember everything.
  3. I have shows scheduled as late as May 28th so even if it means my mouth is broken forever I fully refuse this surgery before 5/29
  4. I was just told I have my "dad's mouth" which is "good"
  5. Still holding out hope I can get out of this unscathed like a gambler sweating out the free throws at the end of a mid-January college basketball game
  6. I have the gag reflex of I don't know, someone with the worst possible gag reflex
  7. Anyway cool that humans have extra teeth that need to be stolen that's very dope good going God
  8. What's a good prayer?
  9. UPDATE: wow I only have two wisdom teeth? Very weird and cool thanks for your prayers!