1. Remember you are perfect.
    The hardest tip, but the most necessary. Remember that your brain isn't broken. You're perfect, and this is your process. Go see a movie. Go experience and get inspired. Don't try to pull inspiration out of a taut knot OR from a self-produced void. Just go out and be perfect.
  2. Remember you are flawed
    And use those flaws towards your creative advantage
    Suggested by @mlh
  3. I believe that writer's block is more "reader's block." The work doesn't dry up as much as does the ability to identify/interpret something worthwhile, and to find joy in the process. That doesn't help end it per se, except to make it less of a threat.
    Suggested by @john
  4. Permit yourself to suck. Whatever your expectations of how amazing your writing should be, try to let that go and write something shitty. You're going to rewrite it anyway. And rewriting something that exists is always easier than starting from a blank page. The cure for writer's block isn't great writing, it's really bad writing.
    Suggested by @elanmastai