Another earnest list!
  1. Seinfeld
    One of my earliest memories of television is being put to bed so my parents could watch the Seinfeld finale, then waking up in a semi-lucid dream state, wandering into the living room, dropping my trousers and peeing. From the age of 13 on, however, an absolute staple of dinner time viewing in syndication.
  2. Rocco's Modern Life/Doug
    Every night. Dad loved Rocco, Mom loved Doug.
  3. Yankee games
    Beginning in late 1995, when my friend's dad invited my dad to a playoff game and I couldn't go, I became attached to watching. Started a scrapbook in April 1996 that included Yankees newspaper pics and all athlete obituaries (?)
  4. Frasier
    There are "FRIENDS" households and there are "Frasier" households. Just watching Ross, Rachel & the Gang for the first time now.
  5. My Three Sons
    Every morning before school? On TV Land? Am I OK?
  6. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
    Appointment television. Genuine appointment television!
  7. Survivor
    Me n my mom. This was our thing, starting with season two. My friends and I used to cosplay as the cast at recess; I was Alicia? Not by choice.
  8. Medium
    What a great little show. I loved watching this. I loved having one last appointment watch before college and I loved that it was a weird, quirky procedural. Such a parent show. Glad I was in from episode one.
  9. ER
  10. House
  11. Good Morning, Miami!
    For real.