Not talking the deepest of cuts, but god damn it, some Simon songs are so good.
  1. "I Know What I Know"
    My unequivocal jam. Some mornings, I think that this is the best song I have ever heard. Not sure there's a better line out there than, "Don't I know you from the cinematographer's party?"
  2. "The Obvious Child"
    The only song I would dance to as a little baby. I retract my first item on the list; THIS is the best song I've ever heard.
  3. "Late In The Evening"
    Reel Big Fish wish they'd written this meaty motherfucker.
  4. "The Boy In The Bubble"
    Sure, let's open an entire album with an accordion riff. The Moops of Simon songs.
  5. "Proof"
    Rhythm Of The Saints > Graceland????
  6. "How Can You Live In The Northeast"
    I like this doofy song.
  7. "You Can Call Me Al"
    Docked points for being an undeniable massive hit. Gains points for being the song I sing to myself when walking alone through a bad neighborhood at night.