Not the worst terminal. Why am I delayed? It is a beautiful July 6th.
  1. Shake Shack
  2. Looking for a coffee place that isn't Shake Shack
  3. Negotiating with the lovely people who are supposed to pick me up at the airport
    What's the protocol here? I've volunteered to take a cab because I don't want them staying up late, but would they rather grab me than leave their apartment unlocked? Finding out as we speak.
  4. Looking at my Cubs tickets for tomorrow repeatedly
    I'll be at both the day and night portions of a doubleheader wooooooohooooo
  5. Buying a selfie stick from Hudson News
    Con: would only take 20 seconds
  6. Something healthy like a sandwich or salad?
    Or Shake Shack?
  7. Wondering why my super domestic flight to ChiTown resides in this international terminal?
  8. Writing for Work
    No excuse not to do this
  9. Claiming a wandering kid as my own