Saw a lot of good backlash to this not nice joke yesterday and I wanted to weigh in.
  1. "I'm minimizing your interests."
  2. "I'm putting on a show to prove my superiority to the culture at large. I'm trying to create a counterculture of rudeness."
  3. "Embrace my abrasiveness."
  4. Because it is completely fine to not care about sports, or cultural sporting events like the Super Bowl.
  5. It's also beyond fine to not WANT to care about them.
  6. But belittling them as "Sportsball" and the like is simply attacking the enjoyment of others because you want them to come to their senses and "realize" sports are inane.
  7. Sports are my career.
  8. People have watched and enjoyed sports since the ancient Olympiad (and surely before that!!)
  9. Sports are peak athletic achievement and the best of human evolution.
  10. If you truly didn't care, you wouldn't loudly and publicly declare that you didn't care.
  11. Thank you.