Thank you for the request, @mallofamanda! Proud to be named the authority on this subject. Please come meet me, nerdy girls!
  1. Because everyone is nerdy
    If you're nerdy about something (and everyone is) that means you're passionate and that means we can likely connect on a deep level about our respective obsessions!
  2. Because I'm nerdy
    About sports, about comedy, about you! I'm nerdy for you, girl!
  3. Glasses
    Glasses!!!! The only way glasses could be sexier is if they were regularly worn across a woman's breasts. And I'm sorry but that's just what I think!
  4. this list request just a set up?
    Who are you trying to set me up with, @mallofamanda ??
  5. I mean, does someone like me?
  6. If someone likes me just say so!
  7. Basically, nerdiness is a lifeblood and acknowledging that nerdiness breeds deep conversations and proper connections. Nerds are the best. And every other nerd is better than me.
  8. Also I'm about to get my first pair of glasses. Ladies??