Words a Restaurant Can Use to Describe Itself That Indicate to Me It Has No Fucking Clue What It Is

  1. Gastropub
  2. Streetfood
  3. Bar & Grill
  4. Bistro
  5. Traditional
  6. Rancho
  7. U.S Postal Service
  8. Ristorante
  9. Eatery
    Makes my mom visibly shudder.
    Suggested by   @ladyprofessor
  10. New American
    Suggested by   @jenna
  11. Tavern
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  12. Grille
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  13. The ________ Room
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  14. bonus points for a restaurant that says dress code is business casual(??)
    Suggested by   @trav