These podcasts are the worst
  1. What The Heck?! A Censored Interview Show
  2. Film Buds
  3. Who Is Tallest?
  4. 9 Comedians We Promise They Won't Talk Over Each Other We Promise
  5. Sound Effects
  6. The Current Lineup Of The Beach Boys Podcast
  7. Inside Feminism With Tom Horkins
  8. The 4:20 Gang!!!
  9. I Was On The 1999 Spurs With Sean Elliott
  10. Pushing Wheelchairs Down Ramps With The Khaos Kids
  11. This Is An Audiobook Not A Podcast
  12. Touched By An A-Hole With Loud Rudy
  13. Elisabeth Hasselbeck And A Secret Microphone That's Just Rolling
  14. Music Buds!!