Today is our nine-year Facebook friend-i-versary. Maybe our 8-year actual friendship anniversary? Kidding kidding.
  1. Whispered my line in my ear when I played the King and she played the Queen in our 5th grade play even though I was obviously just pausing for effect and honing my acting skills!!!
  2. Hung out with Mean Girls in Middle School
    Just deleted one of their names for when this app goes public. She works for NASA now and is probably very cool.
  3. Asked a big nerd to prom under her breath and he never responded
    We were mean!!!
  4. Never let it go that I dropped her on stage over a decade ago
    She was a foot taller than me
  5. Claimed I made her pull over to the side of the highway and then yelled at me
    It was our first fight!
  6. Rooted for the Red Sox
    She has a home on this app but unfortunately not with me