For any of you who were wondering
  1. 1.
    Not all of us like Tea - Just most of us....
    As soon as we worked out coffee had far more caffeine in it, it was a no brainer to make the switch
  2. 2.
    Not all of us are ugly - Take Henry Cavill as an example...
    Yes - Superman is British
  3. 3.
    Not all of us have crooked teeth - But we do have a lot of dentists...
    I have always had terrible teeth, so I'm a bad example, but have many friends with exceptional teeth
  4. 4.
    We're not all miserable
    Even though we generally have much smaller houses than the US and have terrible weather. We try and make the most of it
  5. 5.
    We don't all wear tweed jackets...
    That's mostly just university professors biblical school boys and pr***s
  6. 6.
    Yes - Cockney Rhyming slang is another language!
    It's not really, but even I don't understand it...
  7. 7.
    We don't play Soccer we play Football
    Except our version of football actually involves our feet. Rugby would be closer to American Football, we just don't need all the padding...
  8. 8.
    Our Queen hasn't had it easy!
    Not many know she served during the war fixing military vehicles - get on Wikipedia now!