The original list app, BBC Radio's Desert Island Discs What 8 tracks would you take to a desert island? What book? (the Bible and the works of Shakespeare are already there) and what luxury? Finally, if it had to be just one record, which of the eight? Here are mine (for today, anyhow).
  1. Glory Box, Portishead
    Particularly this live performance from Glastonbury in 1998
  2. Final Scenes from Don Giovanni, Mozart
    The discovery of opera was one of the most important things that happened to me at University. I went to Leeds, home of Opera North and first went because a girl I fancied wanted to go. I can't remember her name but opera's been part of my life for 30 years. This last scene of Don Giovanni always has that tingle factor
  3. The Presentation of the Rose, Der Rosenkavalier, Richard Strauss
    So beautiful as to reduce my wife to tears even when she's not consciously listening to it
  4. Maiden Voyage, Herbie Hancock
    There's soooo much Jazz that's important to me that I'm surprised that only one Track made this list and that it's this one. But I just find Kenny Burrell's solo starting at 2:25 such a wondrous thing
  5. Janáček String Quartet No 1
    Amazingly powerful. Has to be a live recording though. Every performance I've ever seen always ends with a stunned silence from the audience before they burst into applause
  6. Move on Up, Curtis Mayfield
    We all need one track guaranteed to clear the cobwebs
  7. Prelude in C, The Well Tempered Clavier, JS Bach
  8. Shadowplay, Joy Division
    Joy Division formed the soundtrack for a lot of my teens. This is them performing Shadowplay on their first ever TV appearance, introduced by the late great Anthony H Wilson
  9. Book.
    If I were on a desert island, I'd crave my city. So, London , The Biography by Peter Ackroyd would fit the bill
  10. Luxury. Limitless supply of fine teas and chocolate
  11. Just one disc. The Bach