1. Xenophobic
  2. Xenodochiophobic: suffers from a fear of hospitality; hates hotels
    We have nothing in common. http://nyti.ms/1EzMR2w
  3. Xylophonophile: a lover of xylophones
    Steer clear of kindergarten classrooms and Gotye concerts.
  4. Xanthippe: an ill-tempered woman
    Nobody likes a harpy.
  5. Xylomancer: one who practices divination by studying pieces of wood
    You can do better. I feel like there are more obscure forms of divination to be had. How about a Tyromancer: one who practices divination involving the observation of cheese.
  6. Xenophobous: unable to survive a drought
    This is just bad timing. You don't need to be a Xylomancer to see how this could be a problem.
  7. Xerxes
    What a prick.