Mayweather. Pacquiao. Williams. If I were in a prize fight, here's who would accompany me to the ring.
  1. Pitbull.
    The ultimate hype man. Who better to escort the future champion of the Worldwide Boxing Association, Worldwide Boxing Council, and Worldwide Boxing Organization than Mr. Worldwide? Dale.
  2. Count Chocula.
    If I learned anything from #MayPac, it's that brand mascots are creepy and awesome. Enter Count Chocula, the bolo punch of my crew. Bum rush? Try sugar rush.
  3. Steve Buscemi.
    My Corner Man. Has mean muggin' down to a science. Gives good towel.
  4. John Oliver.
    Every entourage needs a skilled shit talker. Don't be fooled by his charming accent and cheery disposition; this Parseltongue will tear you limb from limb.
  5. ¥o-landi Vi$$er
    This chick is absolutely terrifying. One look and you know you are about to get KTFO'D.