In order of appearance.
  1. Bunnicula
    The strong, silent type. You never forget your first.
  2. Angelus
    Remember when Buffy lost her virginity to Angel and he instantly became a soulless monster? Pretty much the exact same thing happened to girls I knew in high school.
  3. Spike
    Bleach-blond hair, leather jacket, British accent, kind of sallow, but in a hot way?
  4. Edward Cullen
    Nothing is more attractive than a guy who acts completely repulsed by you, only to later announce that you are his own personal brand of heroin.
  5. Eric Northman
    Deserving of his own List slash erotic fanfic series. Watch out, E.L. James!
  6. Damon Salvatore
    Piercing blue eyes, pithy one-liners, and a pathological commitment to getting the girl.