I LOVE crossovers, regardless of the genre. I am always excited when two shows I like to watch have a crossover episode. I am constantly imagining crossovers for my favorite tv shows and books. Here are some of my top literary crossovers.
  1. Inheritance Cycle meets Space Captain Smith
    Dragon Riders vs. Ghast Empire means EPIC battle scenes.
  2. Space Captain Smith meets Temeraire
    Just imagine all the Divine Wind jokes that could be made. #Battle of the Britains
  3. Temeraire meets Inheritance Cycle
    Imagine Eragon questioning the morality of the War of 1812. Awesome.
  4. Inheritance Cycle meets Animorphs
    Eragon coud kick some serious yeerk but.
  5. Animorphs meets Space Captain Smith
    Two words... ravnaphant morphs.
  6. Red Queen meets Codex Alera
    Superpowers vs. furycraft. Can you say epic battle.
  7. Temeraire meets Leviathan Trilogy
    Dragons versus zepplein means... wait, that would be a terribly mismatched fight.
  8. Leviathan Trilogy meets Inheritance Cycle
    Zepplein meet firesword. Ultimate fantasy vs. Sci-Fi.