For the @ReadingChallenge on books turned into movies.
  1. Where to start?
    Oh yeah.
  2. Saphira did NOT have feathers!
    Her wings were clearly described in the book as consisting of a translucent, blue membrane.
  3. Arya's hair was black not red
    Also, she's an elf
  4. The Urgals don't look like Urgals
    In the book, the urgals were grey-skinned with black hair and horns. Why does the movie portray them as an army of Curlys from the Three Stooges?!?
  5. Why are there soldiers in Carvahall?
    Carvahall was not occupied by the Empire. In fact, it's an important facet of the book's plot that there are no soldiers in the village.
  6. What about the Ra'zac?
    In the movie, Eragon and Brom head straight for the Varden. But in the book, they try to track down and kill the ra'zac first. Partially to avenge Eragon's uncle, but also to allow Eragon to gain experience before being sucked into the political machinations of the Varden.
  7. This Does Not Happen!
    At no point in the book does Durza ride some kind of shadow-dragon.
  8. What happened to Tronjheim?
    Where is the famed dwarven city-mountain or its great wonder, the star rose? For that matter, where are the dwarves?
  9. Where is Elva?
    In the book, Eragon is asked to bless an orphaned infant, Elva. This has major implications for the rest pf the series. And yet, she is nowhere to be found in the movie.
  10. And so much more.
    But I simply do not have the time or energy to list everything.