Here is a quick list of some things that--in some way, shape, or form--remind me of Trump and his values.
  1. The Vord Queen
    Because she somehow brought Aleran civilization to the brink of disaster, despite having the emotional understanding of a six-year old.
  2. The Darkling
    Because he is a power-hungry, egomaniac who can somehow trick people into thinking he's the good guy.
  3. The Darkening
    Because it veils people in a cloak of ignorance.
  4. The Native American Party (A.K.A. The Know-Nothing Party)
    Because it was a nativist monstrosity that had far too much political success.
  5. Boss Tweed
    Because he sought political power solely for his own self-benefit. Oh, and he was a wretched con artist with absolutely no moral compass whatsoever. AND he exploited minorities for cheap labor.
  6. Rankin
    Because he is a racist, class-snob.
  7. Rambutan
    The only exception is that this fruit has a nice head of hair.
    Suggested by @BrentMWiggins