Sometimes you are on a long conference call and your mind wonders because A) this call is pointless B) This call is dragging along C) This is a technical cal so you have to wait
  1. I'm hungry!
  2. Halo 5
    Just got Halo 5 and I want to play so bad!
  3. My GF
    I miss her and I want to hug her and love her.
  4. I love my job!
    No matter how much work or long calls, I am grateful for my job and I love my department. IT is the best!
  5. Motivational Topics for Geeks and Nerds
    Sometimes I think I am a great example to upcoming nerds or geeks because, we can get that Beautiful Girl we always dreamt of, we can be fit and smart at the same time, we can be adventurous and still have great conversations with females. Confidence is key and it's in each of us, not just us Nerds or Geeks!