My daughter just gave birth to her second childπŸ’• her first was born in Germany, this sweetie pie in France.
  1. β€’
    1) pain management
    France laughing gas. Germany, not so much
  2. β€’
    2) if you have stiches
    France, look at it right away, clean vigorously. (😩😱😒) Here is some perfume. Germany, no worries, don't look, here's a cushion πŸ™
  3. β€’
    3) breast feeding
    France, what? Breast feed? we have formula. We are sure your husband would prefer it. Germany, your midwife visits you at home for 10 weeks after the baby is born with lotions, encouragement, etc. we are sure the baby prefers it.
  4. β€’
    Et alors!
    In recovery from child birth, the French have a video game you play with your vagina. But you bring your own dildo.