1. There Are Worse Things I Could Do—Grease
    I had to look up the plot to the film, since I did my best to ignore it the last time it was on, but this song seemed very gay to me if I'm honest with you.
  2. Sheila Take A Bow—The Smiths
    The Smiths are already a quality sad gay band, but this song is 1.One of the few which mention a woman by name, & 2.Features a specific gender-bending reference. So there.
  3. Only If For A Night—Florence + The Machine
    Really, incredibly so, even if it's an anthropomorphisation of a building.
  4. Take Me To Church— Hozier
    Look, it's about homophobia and oppressive power structures and their relationship with religion, and it uses female pronouns for the object of the protagonist's affections. Let's be real.
  5. She Bangs The Drums—The Stone Roses
    It sounds happy, it's about a woman, bingo. It sort of works as the mildly clichéd "awakening-inducing" type of lesbian film opening—the musical equivalent of the opening montage of "But I'm A Cheerleader!", but with a drummer. Did that make any sense?