Requested by @jaidub, these are listed in the order they are in the linen closet, left to right, top to bottom
  1. Rags for spills
    These count, right? Or did I blow it already?
  2. Beach
  3. Hand
  4. Good kitchen
    Newer, prettier
  5. Bad kitchen
  6. Good washcloths
  7. Bad washcloths
    Thin, stained, or ugly
  8. Ok, but not my favorites
    "Fast-drying" ones from Target. They feel weird to me but are getting better with use
  9. The Good Ones
    Perfect size and thickness ❤️
  10. Too thin
    On their way to becoming rags
  11. Too big and thick
    It's possible in a towel 😜 Can't wrap them around my head. My husband ends up using these
  12. Kids'
  13. Good baby's
    Baby is now 3 and these towels barely cover him
  14. Bad baby's
    Too thin. Used in desperation. Soon to be relegated to rags. We spill a lot in our house