My method is a bite of cookie, a sip of milk
  1. Husband brings home surprisingly yummy ginger cookies
    They're perfect! Chewy, with nicely crisp edges 👍🏽
  2. They're pretty strong and require milk
    Am considering milky tea, but I'm so lazy right now
  3. Pour a full 8oz glass of whole milk
    This combination is heavenly
  4. Cookie gone, have milk left over
  5. Start another cookie
    Still yummy
  6. Run out of milk towards end of cookie
  7. Pour half a glass
  8. Run out of cookie
  9. Get half a cookie
    I'm pretty sure I'm still enjoying this
  10. Oh no, 2 bites of cookie left and only half a sip of milk left in the glass
  11. Pour a splash of milk
  12. Finish cookie
  13. Finish milk
  14. I'm SO full 🐽
    I really just want to close my eyes for a little bit