In the order I listened to them
  1. Joni Mitchell
    Solid. Is this supposed to be the definitive version?
  2. Sarah McLachlan
    Really pretty!
  3. Glee Cast
    Too breathy
  4. Robert Downey Jr
    This is the version that made me take notice of the song to begin with, back when he was on Ally McBeal. Love it
  5. Idina Menzel
    Too theatrical? I want this song to hurt me
  6. James Taylor
    Not painful enough. But his Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is my favorite version of that song
  7. CeeLo Green
    Not as bad as I anticipated, but not it
  8. Nashville Cast
    Kind of like it. Might mean more to me if I'd ever seen the show
  9. Sixpence None the Richer
  10. Linda Ronstadt
    Nice but not rough at all. Did RDJ ruin me for other versions?
  11. The word "river" looks bizarre to me now
    Like you spelled "riveter" incorrectly. Now "riveter" looks weird!
  12. Rita Wilson
    Had no idea she sang! And it's nice. More than nice!
  13. Liz Longly
    Whoa! Who is this? Is this my favorite?
  14. Barry Manilow
    Really not it, no disrespect to Mr. Manilow
  15. Isn't there an Everything But The Girl version?
    I can't find it
  16. Robert Downey Jr it is
  17. Edit: Listened to 7 more based on comments from @eatthelove @MauxMaux @bwyatt @jazzyj
  18. Tori Amos
    I think my brother would be upset (he loves Tori) but the way she sings "skate away" ("skeet awee") is not for me; also no to all the extra vocalizing
  19. Tracey Thorn
    Not as haunting and tender as I thought it would be
  20. Tracey Thorn acoustic version
    Closer, but still not what was in my head
  21. Holly Cole
    Whoa. Almost all pain and no Christmas. A really beautiful and different take on it 💔
  22. Indigo Girls
    THIS is what I was looking for in the Tracey Thorn. A little rough and a lot of pain. ❤️
  23. Sara Bareilles
    Beautiful and perfect. Almost too perfect
  24. Davies, Hackett, and Donovan
    LOVELY! I don't want to say it's my favorite because I'd have too many favorites, but it's so good