And I'll probably watch again in an hour. I'll be riding out this re-obsession for the next week; don't see it lasting longer than that
  1. I made the mistake of having a cup of black tea at 5pm
    so I didn't fall asleep until 5am
  2. I "watched" Grease Live
    Really I just fast forwarded to the singing parts
  3. Then saw Love Story was on my DVR
    I hadn't watched it in about 20yrs and wanted to see if I still liked it
  4. Ali McGraw 😍
  5. I LOVE IT so much more now
    I mean, I really liked it 20 years ago (saw it on TV, then bought a VHS copy and novelization, and the sequel, Oliver's Story) but I get it more now
  6. The dialogue used to grate on me, but not so much now
    I have a new appreciation of their courtship
  7. The music still grates
    I know it's won awards, and I like the main theme song, but a big no to the electronic-y versions 👎🏽
  8. Still love Jenny's outfits
  9. I'm still not the type to recite poetry to my husband during my wedding, but I don't hate that Jenny and Oliver did it
  10. 20 years ago, I identified more with Oliver
    because of his strict and demanding parents, and of his feeling so much pressure to live up to their high expectations
  11. Now I'm more #TeamJenny
    who wants Oliver to soften his attitude towards his parents and find humor in the situation
  12. Jenny giving up studying in Paris to get married? 👎🏽
    But I'll accept it as a thing that happened in the '70s
  13. Oliver's intensity when he's studying is so sexy
    I'm really feeling Jenny here
  14. "Love means never having to say you're sorry"
    Used to hate this line so much, but then I realized that my sister and I don't apologize to each other after fighting and it works for us
  15. At the end my throat hurt so much, it was so full of tears
    Just on the 1st watch though, but afterwards I needed time to process it so I immediately watched it again. I wasn't ready to leave their world
  16. When I looked it up on IMDb to find the year it was made I was so surprised
    It was nominated for best movie?! I always thought of it as a cheesy, guilty pleasure-type movie
  17. Oliver's Story is set to record very early Wednesday morning
    I'm pretty excited even through I know it's mostly terrible
  18. OG OTP