but I do. Forget bacon, butter makes everything better (jk on the bacon; I still love it, but not as much as I love butter). I've developed a high tolerance for fat 😳
  1. Kettle corn
    At the movie theater I order kettle corn with butter 🐽
  2. Hot chocolate
    Got idea from 👯's mom. She adds a pat of butter to the whole pot. I've been adding a pat of butter to my mug. Mmmm...
  3. Crackers w jelly
    On saltines: 1st a layer of butter, then the jelly. Bet it would be delicious on club crackers too 👍🏽
  4. Pasta with meat sauce
    A tip I learned from Blue Apron: add a couple of tbls of butter after you add the pasta to the sauce. This particular recipe was spaghetti Bolognese w Brussels sprouts and rosemary. Sounded scary but was delicious 🍝
  5. Steak
    Like at steakhouses. And the Pioneer Woman 🐴
  6. Burger buns
    Also the Pioneer Woman 👢