In conversation with Michael Lewis last night
  1. Looks like she got a haircut!
  2. My sister keeps raving about her shoes
  3. Michael Lewis' next book-to-movie adaptation will have the most "fuckable cast"
    Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, I forget who else
  4. Steve Carell is sweet and private
  5. She identifies most as a writer
  6. Lewis said she could write an intentionally unfunny book and it would be great
  7. @bjnovak is here tonight
  8. She'd like to do theater again
    Maybe Shakespeare in the Park
  9. All writers ultimately want to end up in Malibu writing plays
  10. Original title of "I Slipped" was "It Slipped"
    She thinks this episode would have been better on Hulu
  11. She wants to have some mini-me's
    Mini-Mindy's? Not sure what I heard. She talks fast
  12. BJ asks a question about writers' room jokes
    She has a hard time thinking of one. They come up with: BJ is of average height
  13. Waiting by the driveway like a creep for her car to pass by
    I don't see anything (those windows are dark) but get to hang out with Twitter friend whatnotsara while waiting, so it's fun. Hope we didn't scare you, @mindy