These are his sayings that make us laugh, roll our eyes, silently seethe, or cringe in embarrassment
  1. God dog!
    An expletive
  2. Chicken quock quock
    Chicken. Either live or for eating. "Get some food. There's chicken quock quock"
  3. Ookie-dokie!
    When he's in a good mood and being agreeable
  4. Guy
    Used either neutrally ("You know that guy...") or negatively ("That stupid guy...")
  5. Dinghy
    An insult ("You dinghy, you!" when you've done something dumb, said seriously and with mean eyes)
  6. Scoobie-doo
    Less severe form of "dinghy"
  7. We loved you
    How he once signed my sister's birthday card 😂 We bring it up every year
  8. Ice-cold H2O
    How he likes his water. He'll actually ask for it in restaurants using these exact words
  9. ...or what have you
    Et cetera
  10. Whom did you _________
    Whom. Whom. Sometimes it's "who!"
  11. Aaaahh....?
    When he's searching for a word. Said loudly and aggressively with confused eyes, scrunched nose, and curled lips. I'm having such a tough time trying to describe this face but so much fun trying to recreate it with my brother and sister
  12. Jockeys
    Underwear. He has some hilarious (but nasty) jockey stories
  13. Commode
    Don't know anyone else who refers to the toilet this way
  14. Chew and swallow! What's so hard about that?!
    He'd shout this at us when we were little when he was forcing us to finish our food. Hard to eat when you're crying. We can joke about it now. Mostly
  15. Yucky-doo
    Gross, icky. "I don't like. It's yucky-doo!"
  16. He's 68 today