I was sitting in the passenger seat with a cold, so sleepy, with my sunglasses on, ready to nap, but my husband was in a good mood and chatty 😠
  1. Husband: Is your sister picking up the 3yo this week?
    Me: Let me text her and ask
  2. How's your brother? Oh! What about his..
    We're going to see his play on the 6th, then the next night I'm going to see Mindy
  3. I wonder if she'll recognize you as the girl with the husband with pit stains
    We don't get to meet her this time. We just get to listen to her talk
  4. (Starts dancing to Blank Space)
    (Oh good, he's quiet. Now's my chance)
  5. (On the bridge now, song's over) There's no wind today. The water's like glass
    (Forget it, I give up)
  6. Blah blah blah
    (At least the 3yo is napping)