I mean this most especially for young women, but really for everyone, when speaking in class, a meeting, a podcast, really anytime you speak.
  1. "Oh, I was just gonna say ______"
    "Just" makes it seem unimportant. Maybe it is. That's ok. Someone's indicated that it's your turn to talk. Also, instead of saying you're going to say something, just say the thing. I think this phrase is sometimes used to buy a few seconds of thinking time; "ok, so _____," or "well, _____" can be used instead.
  2. "Um, yeah, I just had a quick question..."
    This seems to devalue your question. Also, your quick question is now taking longer to ask. Just ask your question.
  3. Speaking up can be scary
    It's scary for me. Props to those who are brave enough to overcome their fear. Make your effort worth it; don't minimize your words.