What's up with my body chemistry?!
  1. The perfume that smells good on you 😕
    My skin will either make it sickly sweet, or old lady powdery. Either way, I get a headache
  2. The lotion that smells good on you 😕
    I get a slightly sweaty/salty/unclean smell with a lots of lotions. Gross
  3. New discovery: my facial skin transforms scents into 💩
    I recently bought an awesome moisturizer and on me it's more than a touch fecal. Sadliness
  4. I've had some luck with oil-based (rather than alcohol-based) fragrances
    Solid perfumes sometimes work, too
  5. When it's completely clean and bare, my skin smells faintly melony
    but no one can smell this but me. My husband is hard of smelling
  6. I'm really into perfumes but my skin won't cooperate
    Tell me I'm not alone