I always catch myself singing random lyrics from even more random songs through out the day. Sometimes I haven't heard the song in years and a two bar lyric will just loop in my head all day. I love when that happens.
  1. Westside - TQ
    "Gotta give it up for the westside!" These were literally my first words of the day. I don't know why this song was stuck in my head but this is one of the most under appreciated LA anthems. Lowkey, TQ was the original Ty$.
  2. Still - Smoke Dawg and Mo-G
    "We still by the rabba, still movin product, movin lava" Please go watch the video for this joint, so you can see where Drake gets all his street swag from. These dudes are definitely influenced by Chief Keef and the drill movement but it's dope to hear it with a Muslim/Somalian twist.
  3. Rich Ni$$a feat. YG - Ty$
    "I just slid out the bank though, my theme song should be Lil Boosie Bankroll." I thoroughly enjoy YG verses. This song kinda makes me sad because YG only spits 4 bars but god damn he turned up. His energy and flow is on point even when he's just saying the same thing over and over.
  4. Maison Margiela - Drakeo The Ruler
    "Nigga, I'm hitting gates in these Maison Margiela's." You know a song is good when it makes you want to buy something. I'm seriously contemplating buying a pair just for the Instagram caption. I've been hipped to Drakeo for a little time now and I think he could make waves out the west. He's DJ Mustard's newest artist and all he talks about is flocking (house burglaries) and po'in up. My type of guy. LOL
  5. Suavemente - Elvis Crespo