Growing up, I've always been a young executive. While listening to Suave House compilations on my CD Walkman and flipping thru Murder Dog issues, I would always have ideas and strategies on how to market the music. I wasn't the kid writing rhymes in my notebook, I was the kid thinking, Young Jeezy should release limited edition TM101
  1. Peedi Crakk
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    Simply put, Peedi Crakk was the Meek Mill prototype. Raw bars. Distinct flow. Street appeal. Charisma. Crossover appeal. And a co sign by the biggest boss in the game, Jay-Z. Coming off the success of State Property, the sky was the limit for the Dominican rapper but his career never really got off the ground. His ability to incorporate Spanish in his raps always wowed me though. Back in '03, I was convinced that if Peedi sampled a Spanish song, he would blow. 4 years later, Reggaeton happened.
  2. Mac
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    I got into Mac around the time I turned 10 years old. My brother had spent the summer of '98 in Baton Rouge, LA and returned in the fall with the ever growing No Limit Records catalog. Mac's music always stood out to me because it wasn't the typical rowdy No Limit tunes. Mac was an intelligent gangsta and in between all the murders and robberies, he made sure to drop a gem or two. He very much reminded me of Nas and I always wished Master P marketed him with a conscious slant.
  3. Yung LA
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    I'm not sure if the ATL rap scene will admit it but besides Gucci Mane, the step father to a lot of their style is Yung LA. From the melodic sing song flows to the fashion (Black Boy/White Boy Swag!) all the way down to the saucin', Yung LA's DNA spreads far along the trap scene. A genius in every sense of the word, Yung LA was socially awkward, which caused him to fall out with his best collaborator then tattoo the logo of a gang on face, unbeknownst to the gang.
  4. Lil B
    Last but certainly not least, is the one and only Based God, Lil B. Born from the virgin womb of, Lil B is truly a God to the Internet. Promoting peace and positivity while releasing some of the most violent and misogynistic music. He's released thousands of songs, hundreds of albums, a book and lectured at some of the most prestigious colleges in the US, What's stopping him from running for President? I'd vote for him over Trump and Ye.