I often find myself worried about actors I haven't seen in awhile and fear their careers are over. More than once, someone has told me the actor I'm pitying is on a hit CBS drama.
  1. Eva LaRue. I loved her on All My Children. I think they were the first Latino family on the soap, which was pretty cool. She left AMC to pursue other projects. I assumed it hadn't worked out for her. She's been on 7 seasons of CSI:Miami.
  2. Poppy Montgomery. I saw her out at a brunch and said to a friend, "Oh no whatever happened to her?" My friend googled her and immediately said, "She's the lead of Without a Trace."
  3. William Petersen. This is bad. I know it is. But I knew him as Joshua Jackson's mentor in The Skulls, so when I saw him at a farmer's market, I was very excited and immediately asked my roommate whatever happened to him. Original CSI!
  4. These are all great actors and I'm not saying I have some specific, special taste. I just can't believe this happened to me THREE TIMES.