Not best character, but actual quality of friendship.
  1. Betsy and Arlene in Dick. I'm very happy someone thought to make a movie for teen girls with the casts of SNL and Kids in The Hall. These two characters are there for each other through anything. I wish Michelle Williams did another comedy!
  2. D.C in Say Anything. Corey's the cool friend, but she's got enough going on in her life. D.C has nothing going on, except giving sweet advice to Lloyd Dobbler. Also, rare example of guy and girl friend duo who don't hook up or even talk about getting together in a movie.
  3. Missy in Bring it On. She's that new friend you're sure you're going to hate and then ends up being exactly what you need. Surprise best friend!
  4. Tatum from Scream. The one, the only, the best. Yes, she died a particularly horrifying death that seemed like a way to shut up a feisty female character, but before her cruel end, she had the funniest one-liners, an equally funny wardrobe, and supported her friend during a killing spree. Also, terrible taste in boyfriends. A great BFF has flaws.