1. FELICITY. This episode is called "The Aretha Theory." Favorite of this show. Ben realizes he wants Felicity, but is it too late? This is the SECOND time a guy notices Felicity because she's wearing a skimpy red outfit. Very romantic ending with great use of Sarah Mclachlan song.
  2. DAWSON'S CREEK. The one with Miss Windjammer where Joey sings on my own from Les Mis and Dawson finally notices her and Jen gets kind of jealous and then Joey says, with that side snarl, "Dawson, it's just lipstick and it's just hairspray."
  3. GILMORE GIRLS. Most eps of Gilmore Girls qualify for this list. The exception is that terrible episode with the pregnant Lorelai flashback.
  4. DAWSON'S CREEK. Abby falls into the creek and dies. It's supposed to be poignant, but it's hilarious. Unfortunately, this leads to a character-damaging arc for Andie, Pacey's real true love.
  5. FELICITY. Sophomore slump. Great use of Azure Ray song. I guess Felicity had an awesome music supervisor. This episode got college right.
  6. POPULAR. The one where they're all stuck in the bathroom.
  7. FELICITY. The Twilight Zone episode where Felicity wishes she didn't "feel so much."
  8. BUFFY. I'm not as into the musical episode as some people, but I think about that "I was in heaven" line any time someone interrupts or annoys me.
  9. 7TH HEAVEN. The one where Mrs. Camden overhears Mary and Lucy say they don't want to be housewives like their mom. It's sad and stuck with me.
  10. BUFFY. The Body. Perfect episode.